Why Go Gluten Free

What is the Big Hubub?

So Why Go Gluten Free?

Our society is being overridden by disease and obesity:

1 in 2 people have cancer

4 in 5 people are overweight

9.5% children have ADHD

1 out of 133 people have celiac disease.

And, did you know gluten intolerance is also associated with:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Dementia
  • Alcoholism
  • Arthritis
  • Down syndrome
  • Vitamin B6 deficiency
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Skin Conditions
  • Cancer

Doesn’t it make you wonder that something has to be the underlying cause to all of these diseases and conditions?  Consider for a moment the foods we consume, most overloaded with gluten products and dead food, food lacking the nutritious elements our bodies need to function.  Is it possible to consider that gluten and lack of nutrition could be the underlying cause? Let’s look at the science behind how gluten reacts in our bodies.

Why not go gluten free?

A common belief is that consuming refined foods plays a major role in the sickness of our society.  The reason for this is most vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are removed during the refining process of carbohydrates.  These elements make foods more digestible by breaking them down into the nutrients needed to nourish the body.  If the food we eat lack these vital elements our bodies need to function, then the body has to use it’s own vitamin, mineral, and enzyme stores to digest refined carbohydrates.  This starves the body causing sickness and disease.   When the food our body is unable to break down passes into the blood stream where it is targeted as an allergen, it wreaks havoc on our bodies in the form of leaky gut, allergic responses like skin rashes, mental disorders, etc.

Sure our ancestors ate grains but they were in their whole, unrefined state.  They still contained these vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that processing takes out.  These carbohydrates were also eaten in moderation not daily with every meal. The hardest proteins for humans to digest are gluten, wheat, corn, oats, rye, and barley, all which our foods are saturated in.  All of these grains have become a staple in our diets today and no longer the ancient grains our ancestors consumed, they have been modified.

Because of processing and modification of foods, today’s whole grains have enzyme inhibitors which causes digestion problems and leaky gut.  Wheat germ agglutinin causes leaky gut.  It eats away at the stomach lining, allowing wheat, beneficial and non beneficial bacteria and other molecules to enter places they do not belong like the blood stream.  The bacteria produces byproducts in other areas that also contribute to the degradation of the stomach lining.  Also, phytic acid from whole grains block absorption of iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, and calcium by combining with them.  Starving our bodies of the vitamins they need, not only that but GMO grains contain toxic foreign proteins, which cause mutations.

Gluten in particular is a protein from grains that binds food, therefore our bodies cannot extract the nutrients out.  Gluten is sticky in your stomach and slows down digestion.  It contains lectins that irritate the gut and phytates that bind minerals.  Eating a slice of organic whole wheat bread, for example, with your all organic salad that is full of vitamins and minerals essentially renders it useless to the body.  The nutrients you are trying to feed your body with are being bound by the gluten, making it virtually impossible for your body to extract the nutrients.

Many people are also allergic to gluten, their bodies produce an antibody against gluten causing inflammation in the gut or leaky gut syndrome.  It is not an easy task to wean yourself off of gluten.  With it’s highly addictive properties, from opioid peptides, a drug found in addictive drugs like morphine, pulling yourself off of gluten can have side effects similar to that of a drug addict.  I hear so many times people saying they would love to get off of gluten but they just physically and mentally cannot.

Our culture is becoming more aware of the foods we consume and focusing more of whether we are nourishing our bodies or starving them.  Thankfully we are reforming the question of Why Go Gluten Free?  To…

Why Wouldn’t you Go Gluten Free?


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