Potato Bacon Cheese Tart

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We Took the Challenge

and Loved it!

Oh Bacon!  You gotta love a dish with bacon! Well this recipe has lots of it! 2 pounds to be exact, along with potatoes and cheese.  A recipe for a coronary? Maybe, 🙂  But a recipe that was fun to prepare and a delicious reward after!

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This recipe was sent to us and we were challenged to make it.  We love challenges and bacon! How could we pass it up?

Bacon can stick to the pan while cooking so we lined the saute pan with parchment paper before we began.

Next, we lined the pan with bacon.  We placed a strip of bacon starting at the middle and let the ends hang outside the pan.  Overlap the next piece and so on until the pan is completely covered with bacon.

We then filled the pan with potatoes and cheese. You can use any kind of potatoes but our preference are red potatoes. We like the taste of red potatoes and they are lower on the glycemic index. But the starchier the potato, like russet potatoes, the better the torte with stick together.

Slice potatoes really thin and add a single slightly overlapped layer on top of the bacon.  Sprinkle with cheese and salt and pepper. Do this layering of potatoes, cheese, salt, and pepper  several more times.  Make sure to mound the potatoes and cheese nice and high above the level of the pan, since the potatoes will shrink as it cooks. Fold the bacon over the potatoes.

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Place a lid on top to weigh down the bacon to avoid the bacon ends curling.

Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart4wp








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Place in a hot oven @ 350 for 2 1/2 hours.  We didn’t stop there though.  We figured the bottom of the bacon would be soft and not crisp.  So we turned the tart over to crisp up the bottom. We did this by first draining the grease off and then placing an oven safe plate over the tart.  We flipped the torte over onto the plate and placed it back into the oven until crisp.  Once done, we took it out of the oven and inverted it again onto another plate. and back in the oven for one more crisp up.

Slice a piece and serve. Or, add your own twist;  add a fried egg on top of a slice,  add whisked eggs to the potatoes and then coo fork for more of a quiche, add diced jalapenos.

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