Ozeri Electric Pepper Mill and Grinder

Ozeri Pepper Mill

Season Your Dishes


This sweet little grinder has hopped into my life and has made seasoning easy.

Say goodbye to hand grinding your pepper and say hello to a wonderful effortless accompaniment for your table. This pepper grinder is very durable and a cinch to use.  It has 3 preset grinder levels and a push button battery powered motor allowing you to dispense pepper evenly.

I love this grinder! It has saved my wrists from grinding pepper for my guests.  I also use it while cooking my dishes.  I am going to buy one for my course sea salt too!

I anticipate we will be seeing these pepper and salt grinders in every restaurant in the near future!

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*Go to our Strawberry Kale Salad and see how beautiful and evenly the Ozeri Electric Pepper Mill and Grinder seasoned the salad!

strawberry kale salad 1 wp

Strawberry Kale Salad

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