Ozeri 4x Motion Digital Pocket Pedometer

w/Tri-Axis Technology pedometer


Want to know how far you are walking in a day? Or how many calories you burn?  Get the Ozeri 4x Motion Digital Pedometer with Tri Axis Technology.  Takes the guesswork out of your daily routine!

This easy to use 4x3motion Digital Pedometer utilizes the latest generation in Tri-Axis technology to provide superior accuracy in any position, whether up, down, flat, on its side, or at any angle. It uses an  accurate Digital 3D Acceleration Sensor.  Compact, sleek and ultra slim, the 4x3motion Digital Pedometer fits is any pocket and is the ultimate personal trainer. Used by professional 100 mile ultra runners such as Evan Kimber, the 4x3motion Digital Pedometer records your steps, distance, average speed, calories burned, and time spent exercising,  The 4x3motion Digital Pedometer filters out vibrations and only begins counting after it detects a sequence of continuous steps for greater accuracy.

I use it every day on to track my run and keep it in my pocket to track the rest of my movement during the day.

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