Saying Goodbye to Grains

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So it seems William Davis, M.D. (who wrote Wheat Belly) is right! He says “be gluten free but don’t eat gluten free”. What he means by this is by bringing gluten free foods into your every day diet, they begin to mimic wheat containing food. Causing the same symptoms you were experiencing before-to show up again! Right when you thought you had it licked right? Wrong! Oh shoot! Now what are we going to eat?

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Originally when we weaned our son off of gluten he showed great progress and could eat “gluten free” foods. Like baking with other gluten free flours instead of wheat flour. For example, we make delicious desserts with our brown rice, tapioca flour, and potato starch blend- that taste just as good as the real thing! Gradually our son’s symptoms returned and in the back of my mind Dr. Davis’ words would ring in. I knew deep down my son needed to be off of gluten free foods as well, no grains. This meant no more pancakes, waffles, bread, cookies, cakes, pasta, rice milk, corn tortillas, etc. I can use other things like coconut and almond flour and eventually I probably will but for now while he gets his body back in balance, our son chooses to only eat veggies, meat, and fruit.

Let me tell you!  It is really hard for a 10 year old to wean himself off of the grain containing comfort foods. I knew it was going to be hard at first, with a lot of complaining (sooo was not looking forward to that!) but it was short lived and we sat him down and explained why it was so Untitledimportant to allow his body to heal and become balanced again-to avoid worse problems when he gets older. We told him he is young now and can heal faster than when he is older. Remembering his discomfort and yearning for it to go away for good, our son made his own decision to say goodbye to grains.

It has been a month and a half now and our son is so happy to be free of his intestinal discomfort. He enjoys his lettuce wrapped sandwiches and hamburgers, eating burrito bowls instead of burritos or tacos wrapped in corn tortillas, the many different ways to prepare eggs instead of eating cereal. We juice a lot and he is finding more and more vegetables that he likes. Who knows, maybe he can go back to an occasional gluten free grain dish once he heals his belly.

And from this new journey we have embarked upon, look for more grain free and raw recipes. I will need to come up with some tasty desserts for him to enjoy too.

Happy Cooking!

Below are some Grain Free Dish Ideas

burrito bowl wp

Burrito Bowls

Cucumber Deli SandwhichCucumber Deli


pbj banana sandwiches 2 wp

Peanut Butter, Jelly,

and Banana Sandwich

flour-less german chocolate ice cream cake


German Chocolate

Ice Cream Cake

flourless fudge brownies newwp


Fudge Brownies

Pink Sunsation wp (2)

Pink Sunsation


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