Chocolate Vanilla Truffle Coffee


Serving  size  1

Prep   5  mins
Cook   0  mins

Total Time:   5 mins

GutenFree Gluten Free     EggFree  Egg Free

LactoseFree Lactose Free   Vegetarian Vegetarian

Sweet indulgence!  Warm up with a cup of dairy free chocolate vanilla truffle coffee.  A luscious alcoholic coffee drink that adds a smile to your face.”



  • 1 cup brewed coffee (or Vanilla Nut Teeccino caffeine free, made from chicory)
  • 1 ounce chocolate syrup or homemade*
  • 1 ounce gluten free vanilla vodka
  • 1 ounce chocolate liqueur
  • dollop coconut whipping cream


1.  Pour brewed coffee into a coffee cup.

3.  Measure and mix chocolate syrup, vanilla vodka, and chocolate liqueur.  Pour into coffee.

4.  Make coconut whipping cream click here for recipe.  Dallop on top and sprinkle with grated dark chocolate.



Chef Notes:

*You can make homemade chocolate syrup by melting chocolate chips in a pan and stirring a small amount of rice milk or coconut milk into the melted chocolate chips to syrup consistency.

Don’t drink coffee or want do not want the caffeine?  That’s ok, also tastes great with brewed Teeccino Herbal Coffee.

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GutenFree Gluten Free     EggFree  Egg Free     LactoseFree Lactose Free   Vegetarian Vegetarian          *Dairy Free


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